Welcome New Subscribers Automatically with MailChimp

MailChimp’s automations are like a second brain for your Real Estate Email Marketing. They can help you do things you don’t have time to do,  or can’t do. Things like, say, sending a bunch of welcome emails to all those new subscribers. Automatically.

Sending individual emails to your customers takes a lot of work. At MailChimp, they’ve got a brain for that!

MailChimp’s automations can help you personalize your real estate marketing efforts with powerful automations that talk to your clients and prospects just like you would. These great features save time so you can focus on selling real estate. MailChimp’s marketing automation software helps you stay connected to your customers every step of the way—and it’s absolutely free.

Turn on your Welcome New Subscriber automation so you can spend time doing fun holiday stuff. Like ice skating. Or sledding. Or something even cooler we don’t know about yet.

How Real Estate Email Marketing Automation Works

Unlike one-off campaigns, automations are triggered when specific people meet the pre-defined criteria you set. For example, you could send an automated follow-up message to a buyers subscribe to your first time home buyer email list or when they are investors looking for foreclosures and bank owned properties.

Real Estate Email Marketing

New to automation? Browse our Getting Started with Marketing Automation guide for the tips, examples, and walkthroughs you need as you prepare to launch your first automated email series.

About Triggers

A trigger is the action that starts an automation. For example, MailChimp can trigger an automated email when someone subscribes to your real estate mailing list. MailChimp offers a wide selection of preset automation types with built-in triggers.

If MailChimp’s preset automations don’t fit your real estate email marketing goals, you can create a brand new, custom automation with your own triggers.

Whether you’re working with a custom or preset automation, you can often change the trigger to suit your needs. To learn more, read Edit Automation Emails.

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